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Peeling Layers

"Peeling Layers"  is my third exhibition, in which I continue to reflect on the immigration experience. ‘Peeling Layers’, portrays the emotional journey that immigrants undergo, even years after moving to a new country. This includes merging the layers of a divided identity, a new language, mentality, culture, environment, and even weather. 

In my work, I have added new skins to the one consistent layer of my background, to represent the complexity of life's experiences. I have used the Tabriz rug motif to symbolize my Persian identity.

I am sharing my experiences, drawing on my own cultural heritage and echoes from the past, and tying into the present need to belong somewhere, physically and emotionally. Looking back at my memories of the past and observing the present, I wistfully recall what I left behind, and reflect on the expectations and feelings that are evoked through the migration experience as I adapt to and adopt my new home.

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