Elham Hazfi was born in Iran, Tehran. She migrated to Canada, Toronto in 1998.


Her background is in science with Masters degree in molecular science from Ryerson university. She is a self trained artist.

Coming from a country where literature and art is a mixture of interpretations and indirect suggestions to express mythical ideas and emotions, Symbolism could be a word to explain her style to beautify our difficult contemporary society's challenges in a unique way.

She has had several solo and group shows.Her paintings have been selected to be exhibited in Art Festivals, exhibitions and musems.


She is working now at her studio in Toronto.


2020        Juried Exhibition, Museum of Northern History, Kirkland 


2020        Group Exhibition, Gerrard Art Space (GAS), Toronto

2020        North Toronto Group of Artist, Toronto


2019        Peeling Layers, Gallery 1313, Toronto

2018        Inside Insight, Gallery 1313, Toronto

2017        Life Disrupted, Gallery 1313, Toronto

2016        Young People Theater, Toronto

2015        Solo exhibition, Anomaly, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto

2014        Solo Exhibition, The Art Show,  Atelier rzlbd, Toronto

2014        Juried Exhibition, Bow Tie, Square Gallery, Toronto

2014        Juried Exhibition, Insomnia, Red Head Gallery, Toronto

2012        Juried Exhibition, New Year, Queen Gallery, Toronto

2011        Juried Exhibition, Relationship, Gallery 1313, Toronto