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Life Disrupted


“Life Disrupted”


I started the project with the “Bad Dude Land” piece inspired by one of Donald Trump speeches, when he exclaimed “ there are bad dudes coming from there, guys, bad dudes!” This painting has all elements that came to my mind when I started to think about the things that are left behind, hopes, expectations and the feelings that are evoked when one migrates.


As I was settling the whole scenario of refugees and immigrants in my mind, I had a dream. I was caring for a plant in an empty room when I noticed water rising up my feet. When water was up to my waist , I saw packs of fish swimming in the water and when I started running towards the door I could feel they hit my body. I saw a crowd outside looking at me. As I was struggling to reach the door I noticed a hand that quietly and smoothly shot the door on me. I couldn't see the one who was closing the door but the crowd was staring at him in disbelief as I was drowning.


Faces or figures in my paintings have a fish attached to them, the fish that caught them when they risked their lives crossing the seas to reach a new life. Alive or dead, safely at the shore or at the bottom of the oceans this fish is part of their existence. No matter how odd it is to have a fish on your face or on top of your head, its always with you. It changes you for ever. 


Along my paintings the idea of the installation came to life. A cocoon hanging on a fragile leaf as a safe place. The crowd running and climbing the cocoon rushing through its tiny entrance, not knowing what is inside. In the back and on the floor there are nuts and bolts sticking out of the cocoon that may suggest existence of a big machine running inside the cocoon.

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